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Looking to rent a car in Cuba, We have available Cubacar, Rex, Havanautos and Via Rent a Car in Havana, Varadero. Our Cuba Travel Experts can help you find the best deal to rent a car in Cuba. Best price is guaranteed. Cuba Car Rentals also available in Holguin, Cayo Coco, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba and Manzanillo.


Your money is protected with Sun Tours. Our office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where you will find the most stringent travel legislations and regulations in the world. Your funds are protected through the Travel Industry Council of Ontario or TICO when you purchase from us.


Car categories are guaranteed not models, you can rent manual or automatic and sometimes the mandatory insurance is included, refundable guarantee deposit and fuel in tank are mandatory and paid locally. You also pay locally for extra drivers.


It is safe to rent cars in Cuba and it is the best way to see the real Cuba but you need to book in advance since they never have enough cars for the demand. Once you rent a car you can book your own accommodation in a private home or hotel and you can see the most interesting places in Cuba.


Most areas of Cuba outside of the resort areas, do not have 5* hotels so we would recommend a combination of hotels in the main cities and private homes or casas in the other areas.


Maps are hard to find but any local would give you directions and there are plenty of local tour guides that would give you amazing information for a very small fee. Gas stations are easy to find and make sure sure you have CUP since most of the times you cannot use your credit card.


When you rent a car in Cuba, you pay a liability waiver that protects you against fire, total or partial theft, collision or overturning, accidents and natural disasters, Damage to the property of others and/or injuries or death caused to third parties, caused when driving the vehicle on public roads. It does not cover loss or breakage of tires or audio equipment.


You will lose all rights if you incur in negligent actions or violations of current laws; as well as driving the vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of prohibited substances.


In all cases, you must immediately notify the Police and have proof of having filed a report in case of loss or theft.

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